Our staff is all very seasoned in their areas, and experience ranges from the corporate world to hotels to association management.  All IAMI staff members have a degree in their specific field or other training in their expertise. We feel continuing education is extremely important and encourage our staff to enroll in courses that are job specific and goal oriented.

Lynnda Nelson, President
Martin Roth, Vice President of Operations

Michael Cooper, Director of Technology
Marcus Hostetler, Director of Event Planning & Exhibits
Daniel Koeller, Director of Membership, Credentialing, & Communication
Patrick Koeller, Technology Coordinator
Brad Magnetta, Vendor Management Coordinator
Alex Nelson, Membership Services Coordinator
Megan Nelson, Logistics Coordinator
Sam Pennisi, Publications Coordinator
James I. Nelson, Business and Relationship Management Consultant
Laurence Gration (CAE), Legal Consultant