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Tools to Ensure a Successful Event

Whether you are interested in IAMI's full service association management services or just need some technical support, these tools will ensure you have a successful event.

Exhibitor Registration System

Custom-built online exhibitor registration system that allows exhibitors reserve the booth(s) of their choice and maintain that information until the day of the event. Also a powerful marketing tool for potential attendees.

Online Silent Auction

IAMI has created an Online Silent Auction with email/text alerts when outbid. It has a built-in registration/login/password retrieval system but we can also make it work with your current login system. There are many admin options including adding/editing Categories or Items and running reports.

Resource Center / Library

IAMI has created an online Resource Center/Library that allows users to download different resources. You can also mark each resource as Member Only or available to anyone. Logged-in users can rate, comment, or share resources to social media. The Resource Center also allows users to upload resources that are then approved or denied by your admins.


E-Learning information. E-Learning information. E-Learning information.

Certification System

Certification System information. Certification System information. Certification System information.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Strategy for providing exceptional customer service includes:

  • Cultivating close and ongoing lines of communication
  • Listening carefully to your needs and ambitions
  • Answering phones and emails within 24 hours

Delivering Quality Programs

Our Strategy for delivering quality programs includes:

  • Working closely with leadership to achieve short and long-term goals
  • Developing a menu of services based on your current and evolving needs
  • Using project management skills to ensure successful outcomes